What Makes TTM Special?

Think Through Math is a Web-based solution that provides adaptive math instruction for Texas students in grades 3 through 8. Designed to motivate students in unprecedented ways, the program builds students’ confidence and competence in mathematics, while providing teachers with comprehensive data to ensure success.

Watch this brief video to learn how Think Through Math provides 1:1 differentiation including access to bilingual, certified, math teachers.

Getting Started!

Texas SUCCESS is pleased to offer access to Think Through Math, an adaptive online learning program that deepens students’ understanding of critical math concepts and problem-solving skills.

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  • Teacher Support

    Think Through Math gives you all the tools you need to launch and maintain an effective implementation. With embedded professional support, resources are only a click away. Transform good teaching into great teaching.

  • TEKS Alignment

    Fully aligned to the TEKS and anticipating the rigor of the STAAR assessment, Think Through Math is the perfect math instruction solution.

  • Texas Educators

    Aligned to TEKS and preparing students for STAAR, TTM provides state-funded online instruction and practice for all Texas public school students in grades 3-8.